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From 2008 till 2010, I implemented highly customized and proprietary content management system (CMS) for large law firms (AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200).  During that time, I experienced many nuances and common problems of one and many CMSs.  Vosao CMS has a lot of future in the CMS cloud arena. Vosao is a highly extensible CMS that runs on Google App Engine. This system enjoys many features of today’s SEO requirements.

Including but not limited to:

  • Native Sitemap support
  • RSS and atom feeds
  • Friendly URLs
  • And built-in an extensible framework that lets the user have it up and running within one hour

I experienced how big companies over paid their hosting bills, just to host one server with one database (the database was unused most of the time will be covered in a separate post).  The reality is that hosting your website does not have to be expensive or complicated, GAE platform makes perfect sense for these type of activity.  The moment you need more resources, Google hands the additional resources on-demand to your website.  At the end of the equation you end up paying less than most of those big companies.  In essence by doing less you do more!

Vosao is an open source tool with CMS capability hosted on Google App Engine. It has a small development community, but very active. They started the system in August 2009.The Vosao team even goes the extra mile to install the CMS with their squad of volunteers.

Admin Menu

If you are a web-developer trying to get your name recognized, helping Vosao could be the thing for you. This tool is just in the sweet spot.

Developers please go to this link if you want to make a difference in the cloud computing area of CMS.

If you are a small business trying to get your website up and running and you don’t want to pay for hosting, this is your solution. Either contact them or me if you need help with that.

For small business owners with some technical knowledge I will put together a very small compilation of tutorials on how to get the first Vosao CMS running. It is not comprehensive and you will need to figure some things on your own. Never the less, is better than nothing.

Go, call your friends developers and tell them to contribute. You never know where this contribution will take you.

Thanks, Geo

Special thanks to the great photographic ability of Echoesofstars

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