Windows Restarts at EC2

Most people will probably not care, but having the ability of restarting a virtual server is a very hard concept to get. An Instance is just floating in the cloud. Not literally but in theory a Windows or Linux instance on the cloud is a lot of data being loaded by a hypervisor system (e.g. Vmware, Xen, VirtualPC, other). A restart is telling the hypervisor to stop that instance and start a similar one.
Interesting enough, Amazon had put enough effort into this that you are allowed to do a “Graceful Reboot”. Of course! Since Windows Operating Systems needs reboots all the time. Therefor for anybody that is interested on migrating to the cloud and is wondering how I will handle all my important data while my server is restarting. The people at Amazon took care of this issue for us.

Be aware that in a Windows instance of Amazon EC2, the best method to reboot a Windows instance is from within the instance using the Windows shutdown command. This will perform a graceful reboot of the instance. Using ec2-reboot will return in a hard-reboot and puts the file system integrity at minor risk.

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